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 SLM Church Declaration 

We are a prosperous ministry and lack nothing that we need.

We have the favor of God upon us and cannot be denied the things we declare.

We are a Body of Believers that excel in all we put our hands to for the glory of God.

We are a holy people that delight in obedient living and cannot live in sin and dishonor God.

The posture of our heart is always yes to the will of God even when it is difficult and we are facing challenges.

We are a Body of people that major in the demeanor of the love of God everyday.

Because the love of God is a priority, the return on our seeds sown is guaranteed in the appointed season.

We possess the character of God and exemplify his integrity in all that we do.

Holiness to us is a way of life and not a display of self righteous behavior that is void of substance.

Because we choose to live holy people will give into our lives without hesitation.

We are a Body of Believers that give the tithe and free will offerings willingly and without struggling within ourselves because we realize that God has given us his best.

We will make an impact in this region causing many to come to love the Lord being saved from a lifestyle of sin.

We boldly declare and decree these things over ourselves as the Body of Spirit of Life Ministries


485 Maxey Rd. Houston, Texas 77013

    SPIRIT OF LIFE MINISTRIES - 485 MAXEY ROAD- HOUSTON, TEXAS  77013 - (713) 455-5433