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Youth SCR Camp Registration
Please choose the amount being paid towards SCR Camp registration:
$50 Deposit (Minimum) (add $50)
$155 Total Registration Fee (add $155)
Student's First Name:*
Student's Last Name:*
Student's Date of Birth (Month):*
T-Shirt Size:*
Parent and/or Legal Guardian First Name:*
Parent and/or Legal Guardian Last Name:*
Email Address:*
Contact Phone Number 1:*
Contact Phone Number 2:
Please check all boxed below verifying that you understand and accept the terms and conditions of the Spirit of Life Ministries Stoney Creek Ranch (SCR) 2015 Summer Camp Registration Contract:I understand and will adhere to all SLM SCR Registration Policies & Procedures
I understand the refund policy and will adhere to the dates provided
I understand that if I have not paid my registration fee in FULL by May 17th 2015, I will automatically forfeit my $ 50.00 deposit as an administration fee
I understand that revenue generated from any fundraiser that I participate in will be credited to my SLM Sales Layaway account or an account I designate ONLY
I understand that there are no individual scholarship/financial aid funds available
I understand that any collective money received may be used to reduce the overall costs for all camp participants
I acknowledge that I have read, understand and will (Parent or Guardian) adhere to the Spirit of Life Ministries (SLM) Stoney Creek Ranch (SCR) 2015 Summer Camp Registration Policy & Procedures Contract including registration; communication; fundraising opportunities; financial aid/scholarships opportunities; payment amounts; scheduled refund and cancellation dates and meeting dates.
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485 Maxey Rd. Houston, Texas 77013

    SPIRIT OF LIFE MINISTRIES - 485 MAXEY ROAD- HOUSTON, TEXAS  77013 - (713) 455-5433